Rachel Kirchoff Photos + Thoughts About Creativity

Caught up with Rachel Kirchoff last week while she was down in North County for the day. We kinda winged this whole shoot and just wanted to do something with flowers and that's really all we had planned.. not much to it. We were able to get some cool shots and spend the afternoon not focusing too much on the terrible fires that North County just experienced. 

There's something about going out to shoot with minimal plans and direction that is so fun. It really keeps me on my toes with my creativity and forces me to use whatever I have around me. Such a good way to take your mind off of whatever life is throwing at you and do something fun. If you're a photographer, I would encourage you to go out and drive around, just take one lens, don't plan anything, and go exercise your creativity by shooting whatever inspires you. It could be a tree, a flower wall, the ocean, a car, your dog... whatever inspires you, just go shoot. 

 Also, don't be too critical on yourself with how your photos come out. I am often so overly critical of my work.. sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it's unhealthy. I always think of what I could have done differently or how I missed focus or didn't use colors correctly.. I am never satisfied with my work and I beat myself up about it a lot but for me it's important to remember that this is all just for fun and I shouldn't stress about not getting the perfect result every time. If I always got the perfect photo, there would be no challenge and no fun in it. Always gotta remind myself to try my best and just have fun with it. 

Enough with my rant... here's some photos that came as a result of minimal planning and just having fun. Salud people.