Ever since I got my water housing for my camera, I've been able to experience a whole new side of the ocean that I didn't get to experience before and that is creating in the ocean. I can remember hundreds of times that I have been out surfing and thought, "Damn, I wish I had my camera right here, right now to capture this." And that's all it ever was until I finally sacked up and bought a housing. When I got the housing and started using it, I fell in love with what was going on below the surface that I had never been able to see before. When you look at the ocean below the surface and see all of the abstract, free, random movements that it makes, it is just beautiful. Every time I go out for a swim at Swamis or some reef break, I am stunned at how much beauty is there when before, I had hardly noticed it. There is so much life, motion, change, flow, balance, and power. Through photographing the ocean, I have learned about what an example the ocean is for us as humans. The ocean is always growing, always changing, it is relentless, it is resilient, it is quiet, it is graceful, it is loud, it is mighty, and it is full of life. What better inspiration can we get than that? We should all try to be like the ocean and adapt the traits that it has. That's what I love about the ocean aside from the constant joy that it brings to those of us who are lucky enough to live next to it and engage with it on a daily basis. 

So without further adieu, i've setup a gallery of some of my favorite photos I have shot in the water in these last few months. Take a look and enjoy.