RAEN has always been a brand that I have had a lot of passion for. Their brand image, foundation,  position in the industry, the way they grow, their aesthetic...it's all inspired me so much and I have been a complete fan boy of their company and product for a long time. I've been in cahoots with RAEN for a while now after they discovered me through one of their giveaway promotions that they were running in 2016 called 366 Days of Summer. I won one of the daily giveaways with a rolling photo I shot of my buddy Zach Leath riding his chopper. Ever since then I have been in continual communication with Steven, the digital marketing genius at RAEN, and he has given me a bunch of opportunities to do product photos and even my own 'Through The Eyes' blog post about an awesome trip I took back in early 2017 to San Francisco with Rae Correll (which you can read here if you want). Long story short, I eventually bugged those guys enough and inquired about the possibility of interning at the RAEN office as a marketing intern for my last semester of college. Things worked out and it was set in stone for me to start with RAEN in late August of 2017. Here we are, September 21st and I've been loving every day I spend in the office. I've been given the opportunity to do a couple little photo jobs with a couple of their ambassadors Margaux Arramon-Tucco and Zye Norris. I shot Margaux up in San Onofre before she paddled out in some meager ankle biters and managed to get a few decent photos, and shot Zye around downtown Oceanside. Nothin' but good times hanging out with these rad people, just thought I would share some of the photos we did from those days.