Salt and Pine

Each person has that one thing that makes them feel refreshed.. alive.. balanced. It can be an experience, a place, a process.. whatever it is, it’s different for everyone. For me, one of those things is spending time on the central coast of California. From velvet hillsides littered with cows and horses, to turquoise-blue waves beating against pine tree covered cliffs, I love it all and just being there makes me feel so alive.

Growing up on the beaches of San Diego, my life has always revolved around the ocean. The salty air, warm weather, palm trees, golden sunsets… there’s no place I’d rather call home. While growing up, I also spent a lot of time up highway 395 going to Mammoth, backpacking through the John Muir wilderness, and camping in pine-tree heaven. But those were always two separate experiences for me (the beach and the mountains). I think that’s why I enjoy the central coast so much, because it’s like being in my two favorite places at the same time. There’s something so magical about that zone, and it’s such a blessing to live just a few hours away from a place so special.

With that being said, it was time for another trip up the coast and I has the pleasure of going with four of my close friends Breyden, Ivana, Kate, and Nikki. We all get jazzed on taking photos, blasting music, and hanging out the window drooling over gorgeous landscapes, so this seemed like a perfect trip for all of us. We left on a Friday morning at 2:00 am, woke up as the sun was creeping over hills north of Morro Bay, and began breathing in that crisp, cold ocean air.

With plenty of cameras, PB&J’s, and no agenda, we cruised around Big Sur, Monterey, and Santa Cruz throughout the weekend. I could write a short novel about all the laughs and good times we had during our time up there, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Here are a few of the photos I took along the way.