Big Sur Valentine

Upon returning home from Thailand, I was feeling pretty exhausted of being surrounded by so many people, hopping on flight after flight, and just living in craziness for a month. With this feeling and as the introvert that I am, I thought it would be really nice to head up the coast to Big Sur, California to spend a few days camping and relaxing with just me, myself, and I. Big Sur is a majestic, quiet, and gorgeous stretch of coastline in Central California where the forrest meets the Pacific in the most stunning way. Every corner you turn reveals another breathtaking view that makes you want to stop your car and stare for another 15 minutes, every cove has some crazy rock formation with trees growing all over it, and every night sky is littered with galaxies. There's just something really special about the place and it was really nice to escape up there for a few days to just refresh. I think everyone should try and take the time to do something like this, you'd be surprised at what it can do for you. Here's a little gallery with a few of the photos that I shot up there. Enjoy.