Thoughts Lately on Change, Progress, and Purpose:

It's a Sunday in August and I'm having a rather nostalgic morning at a coffee shop in Cardiff. Every time I update photo galleries on my website, it's a chance to look back and reflect on the multitude of photos I have collected from the past years. It's a bit of an inevitable process for me because I'm always looking back on photos from years back and seeing what i've changed in my photography, difference in my editing style, different friends, etc... but every time I go back and look, it ends up being a reflection of the times instead of an analysis of photo style. I'm not sure if it's like this for other people but my photos connect me with the past so heavily and make feel a certain way that I don't feel from anything else in the world. And that's a major secondary benefit I get from being a photographer; it's like having concrete memories to turn to to help remember even more about certain places, times, situations, and feelings. 

Man it's so weird to see the rate at which things change at this age. I think the ages in between 18 and 25 are absolutely the most volatile stages of young life and so much changes in each of us in those years. As I am about to turn 24 in September, I look back at my 18 year old self... a wildly naive and curious freshman in college that didn't know hardly anything. Little did I know how much change I would go through in the next 6 years. I think that looking back on those times and comparing them with the 'now' is such an important and healthy thing for all of us to do. It gives us a context and a scale for our growth and helps us realize how far we've come, the way in which we have changed, and the direction in which we are growing. Year by year, we all grow and change and those around us do the same. Change is a good thing, and sometimes it takes some reflection to realize it. 

This summer has been quite different for me, and I know this is a part of the process of growing up. I'm graduated from school and now I am working. I landed a job as a Marketing Coordinator at a tech startup company in Carlsbad that creates an app product for the construction industry. What a strange change of pace for me. I always thought I would be working in action sports or something like that but here I am, indirectly in the construction industry doing marketing for a software company. My job is incredible and I am so blessed to be able to have landed a job where I did. I work with the coolest people who are all legends at their craft and I am learning more than ever. Things have a weird way of working out and I don't know why I'm here and don't know what it will look like for me down the line, but I'm along for the ride and can't wait to see where it takes me. 

As far as my photography goes, it hasn't been slowing down at all. In fact, i've been shooting far more now than ever and I am far more inspired now than ever. Part of that has to do with my schedule and how busy I am with my career. Photography has always been my outlet... my means of relaxation, creativity, joy under any circumstance, and it's something I know I can always turn to. It's passion in purest form. I am used to doing a lot of my shooting by myself but lately, i've been lucky enough to form a friend group and creative circle with some good friends Kate, Ivana, and Nikki. These people push me every single day to be creative, to find inspiration everywhere, and to be happy as a a clam no matter what is going on. We've been able to spend a lot of time together shooting photos, surfing, and learning from each other. It's so important to have people like that in your life, so I am very thankful for those newfound relationships. (Apologies because pretty much all of the images in this gallery are from shooting photos of them or with them)

I've been reading a lot and have been on quite the search for beginning to seek out purpose and meaning in my life and what that looks like in my career. Every wise and intelligent source I look to in books, articles, and blogs all talk about the importance of aligning passion with talent to find fulfillment in a career. I've always been against turning my photography into a career but as I get more into photography, as I discover new opportunities with it, and as my passion and talent for it grows, I can't help but think about being destined to do this. It's an omen and it just makes sense. For that to happen, it will have to be about finding an aspect of photography that I could make a sustainable career out of and I have no clue what that looks like. As I said earlier, I don't know why I am here and I don't know what it will look like for me down the line. All I know is that I love freezing time with my camera, I love using it as my creative outlet, and I am the best version of myself when I am in that space. All I want to do in life is to be able to say I helped or drastically changed something for the better. Whether that looks like helping others and providing for people less fortunate than I am, or changing how people interact with the ocean, or showing people love who have never experienced it... no matter what it looks like, I just want to serve others and make a significant difference for something other than myself. And I would love if my camera was the means of me being able to do that. For now.. baby steps. All I can do now is to keep learning, keep growing, keep shooting, keep traveling, keep looking for new opportunities, keep enjoying life, keep changing, keep creating, and follow that heart because it's usually right. 

Enough rambling from me. Here's a concise collection of my photos from the past few months. Feast your eyes on what I do in my free time.